Why Outsource?

Accounting Services and Outsourcing of Business Processes

More than ever, entrepreneurs and managers need to fully engage in activities related to the operational objective (selling, delivering services = customer focus.

To optimize time, having reports that generate updated and accurate information is key to an adequate decision making.

Now imagine the time gain in delegating back-office services such as routines and managing of financial, tax, payroll and accounting processes to a specialized company, equipped with the best that information technology has to offer.

Imagine also having control and being able to monitor these services through queries and obtaining reports generated in your own company through a simple electronic system.

Thanks to the use of ERP MXManager® and DOCCS® we work your entire back office process in a controlled environment, complying with rules of compliance, in a safe and customer-oriented manner.

Key functions can be kept under the control of your company, such as making or authorizing payments, for example. The process of outsourcing is designed in partnership with the client.

There is no standard template of outsourcing to which your company should fit in. We tailor make it to meet your needs.

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important. Your
satisfaction is
our mission.