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  • Corporate Accounting in accordance with the local corporative legislation.
  • National and international accounting (USGAAP; IFRS).
  • Prepare Financial Statements.
  • Definition of Chart of Accounts according to the local company’s necessities or of its controlling company abroad.
  • Analyses and Reconciliation of Accounts.
  • Meeting with Auditors (compliance external and internal).
  • Revision of accounting processes and suggestions for internal control improvements.
  • Work Group for accounts analysis of prior periods.
  • ECD

Fiscal Process

  • Analysis of Fiscal Documents.
  • Taxes Withholding, direct and indirect, at source (outsourced services).
  • Assessment of taxes incident over revenues – internal market and/or export).
  • Assessment of Income Tax and Social Security on the Net Profit.
  • Preparation of Fiscal information required by the Municipal, State and Federal Legislations.
  • Generation of taxes payment forms.
  • Fill out SISCOSERV.
  • Transfer Pricing.
  • ECF
  • Evaluation of Taxes calculated over PIS (Social Integration Program), COFINS (Contribution for Social Integration), ISS (Service Tax) of prior terms, looking for fiscal recovery

Financial Management

  • Purchases registry, accounts payable, payments.
  • Preparation of suppliers’ reports per falling due date or issuance.
  • Invoicing registry or control, accounts receivable, receipts.
  • Preparation of clients’ reports, per falling due date, bills issuance.
  • Administration of payments and receipts, as responsible for banking accounts.
  • Banking reconciliation.
  • Cash Flow.

Personnel Routines and Payroll

  • Preparation of fortnightly and/or monthly payroll and of 13th salary.
  • Processes of Admission, deletions, licenses, transfers, vacations.
  • Handling of indirect benefits according to legislation in force.
  • Following up future vacations programming.
  • Preparation of payment of income tax at source, GPS, GEFIP
  • Acompanhamento das decisões de dissídios coletivos e convenções
  • Elaboração de Previsão de Gastos com Pessoal - anual
  • Emissão e remessa do CAGED (admitidos e demitidos - diário)
  • Emissão da RAIS (anual)
  • Emissão da DIRF e informe de rendimento dos empregados (anual)

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