About Us

Quality services at an accessible cost for small and medium-sized companies

RTURBA worked as an affiliate with BAKER TILLY BRASIL for 9 years and later on in partnership with BDO. These partnerships were enriching, but the time has come when RTURBA, a 10-year-old company, will now come forward with its own name.

RTURBA was born from a dream of creating a company that could provide services with the same quality as of great corporations, but with a specific focus on small and medium-sized companies at accessible costs for its demands.

After 12 years working for the world's leading auditing and consulting company, Renata Turba and her team of qualified professionals have fulfilled this dream.

Combining extensive technical accounting experience with the ability to analyze the company's business processes, our team works towards implementing solutions that meet, more fully, the needs of our clients, with a special focus on interpersonal relationships, respecting their culture, values, whilst sharing a deep knowledge of their business processes and relationship with the market.

Our team is 90% formed by professionals trained in accounting sciences, duly certified and qualified by the CRC (National Council of Accountancy).

Our practice associates human resources and I.T. with the technical expertise that is expected from a large multinational enterprise. We approach our work with enthusiasm, energy and positivity.

We are specialists in accounting services and outsourcing of back-office processes. We study your problem and provide the solution.